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Blood and heart
Blood and heart

Blood and heart product category

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Achyranthes aspera

Achyranthes aspera L ..

45.000đ Ex Tax: 45.000đ

Africa South walnuts

Africa South walnuts ..

250.000đ Ex Tax: 250.000đ

Australian Muscatel Clusters Raisins

Australian Muscatel Clusters Raisins ..

400.000đ Ex Tax: 400.000đ

Dried moringa leaf

Dried moringa leaf ..

80.000đ Ex Tax: 80.000đ

Dried moringa seed

Dried moringa seed ..

160.000đ Ex Tax: 160.000đ

Forest Ganoderma lucidum

Forest Ganoderma lucidum ..

300.000đ Ex Tax: 300.000đ


Gomphrena ..

55.000đ Ex Tax: 55.000đ

Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Gynostemma pentaphyllum Cucurbitaceae ..

80.000đ Ex Tax: 80.000đ

Huyet Rong brown rice tea

Huyet Rong brown rice tea - 20 bags ..

49.500đ Ex Tax: 49.500đ

Japan  Chlorella Pyrenoidosa - 600 tablets

Japan  Chlorella Pyrenoidosa - 600 tablets ..

378.000đ Ex Tax: 378.000đ

Ly Son garlic

Ly Son garlic (multi clove) ..

220.000đ Ex Tax: 220.000đ

Moringa seed

Moringa seed ..

185.000đ Ex Tax: 185.000đ

Moringa tea - 25 bags

Moringa tea - 25 bags ..

65.000đ Ex Tax: 65.000đ

Moringa Tea rough

Moringa Tea rough ..

35.000đ Ex Tax: 35.000đ

Panax Notogingseng Flower buds

Panax Notogingseng Flower buds ..

550.000đ Ex Tax: 550.000đ

Platinum Royal Jelly

Platinum Royal Jelly ..

649.000đ Ex Tax: 649.000đ

Shark Cartilage 1000 mg

Shark Cartilage 1000 mg ..

1.200.000đ Ex Tax: 1.200.000đ

Tam thất bắc

Tam thất bắc ..

1.100.000đ Ex Tax: 1.100.000đ

blood, heart