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Kidney, urinary
Kidney, urinary

In the category about Kidney and Urinary, you can buy many favorite products, such as kidney stones dissolve tablet...

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Atichoke leaf glue Dalat 70ml

Atichoke leaf glue Dalat ..

95.000đ Ex Tax: 95.000đ

Da Lat Artichoke foot
- Sale

Da Lat Artichoke foot ..

180.000đ150.000đ Ex Tax: 150.000đ

Da Lat Artichoke tea bag

Da Lat Artichoke tea bag ..

35.000đ Ex Tax: 35.000đ

Desmodium styracifolium

Desmodium styracifolium ..

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Dried atichoke Dalat 500gr

Dried atichoke Dalat ..

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Dried Crataegus cuneara

Dried Crataegus cuneara ..

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Dried pandanaceae

Dried pandanaceae ..

70.000đ Ex Tax: 70.000đ

Drynaria fortunei J.Sm

Drynaria fortunei J.Sm ..

80.000đ Ex Tax: 80.000đ

Morinda officinalis stow

Morinda officinalis stow ..

240.000đ Ex Tax: 240.000đ

Musa acuminata Colla

Musa acuminata Colla ..

80.000đ Ex Tax: 80.000đ


Orthosiphon ..

295.000đ Ex Tax: 295.000đ

Phyllanthus tree

Phyllanthus tree ..

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Piper lolot

Piper lolot ..

35.000đ Ex Tax: 35.000đ

Rheumatism PV

Rheumatism PV ..

62.000đ Ex Tax: 62.000đ

Abutilon indicum

Ahutilon indicum (L.) G. Don (Sida indica L.) ..

70.000đ Ex Tax: 70.000đ

kidney, urinary